T minus three days to departure

6:32 am: The only coherent thought in my mind, “My life is about to change dramatically.”

It’s the first morning in over a week that I’ve woken up without butterflies in my stomach, but not the first morning that I wake up bursting with excitement. Every day seems to go by faster than the one before, and the list of things that needs to get done feels like its getting longer and longer. Family and friends feel like they’re pressing closer, and I’m trying to cherish every moment.

And yet, the future is looming. Adventure is calling. Every hour passes and I am closer to my goal. This thing that I have wanted for so long, and have worked so hard for. I’m standing on the brink and it is almost upon me. So why am I so scared? what about the travel, My peers, the cultures, the food, potential illness, potential disasters? I’m ready. I’ve begun to almost relish the fear. Yes, those things are all scary. Yes, it is going to be miserable sometimes and YES it is going to be AWESOME. Adventure is coming and all I can do is meet it head on, ready to face the life I make for myself.

T minus three days to departure

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