Two Weeks In

Day 11
Orientation in Mindo was a Blur. My group, sixteen students, four of whom are male, twelve are female, stayed in what is commonly refered to as a EcoLodge or EcoHotel, Abrazo Del Arbol in the tranquil mountains of Mindo. During this time we went from awkward aquaintances to familiar friends. Initally I felt I was getting the short end of the stick because I chose to stay in the main house instead of the cabins but it was soon reveiled that bugs were quite an issue and I was glad to have the mighty walls to protect us from the abundant creepy crawlies.The food was amazing and it was hard to face the reality that the quality would not be consistant. We ended our stay with a closing ceremony in the yoga kiosk, located 50 yards away from the lodge in the jungle. we formed a circle and lit candles and then were asked to consider where we would be at the end of our journey and it struck me that we were only ten days in. It is just the begining.
Now tucked away in a hostel in Quito we anxiously await the next step in our travels. A homestay in a remote village working on an ongoing reforestation project.
Again it is so strange to me that we have seen and done so much and I can already feel myself growing and welcoming the world around me. I cant believe that it is just the beginning.

Two Weeks In

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